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Facilities management

The facilities management sector is changing.

You're expected to increase turnover and maintain margins. The public sector is increasingly looking for bundled services, so to grow you need to expand your offer. The market players are altering. Big players are diversifying and consolidating. Large companies from other sectors are muscling in on the action. And all the while, smaller and medium-sized businesses are selling up. In a dynamic sector such as this, opportunities exist for those that can adapt.

Talk to market leaders

It's time to talk to the number one corporate finance adviser in your sector. Why are we top of the three? In the UK, we've done the most deals in facilities management. And our people have unrivalled experience, working with some of the country's largest facilities management firms. That's not all. Our M&A team can help find buyers for your business and investors for your operations. We can also help define and target your optimal working capital levels.


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Access expertise with a personal touch

You'll not only get all the services you'd expect from the biggest firms; you'll benefit from our personal commitment too. Across the country, we have a team of professionals helping companies like yours grow. We even have a big black book of large businesses and financiers that can bring buyers and sellers together. And our quarterly M&A tracker, can give you regular insights into the changing marketplace so you'll know exactly where you stand.

Win the talent battle

The battle for talent rages on and we can help you win it. With the sector facing high costs and employee churn, you'll get expert advice on winning the hearts and minds of quality staff.  For example, we're already helping many businesses implement employee incentive schemes that work hard to retain quality people.

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