Energy and environmental markets are undergoing major change.

Established business models are changing, disruptive new players are entering the market and new technologies are maturing. These factors bring more diversity of investment opportunities and returns, while the devolution agenda adds momentum to the trend towards decentralised energy in cities. With these opportunities come challenges. Notwithstanding the climate change threat, for instance, there is greater scrutiny than ever over the cost of energy and the element that "green" initiatives represent in this cost. While regulation remains at the heart of the sector's development, the future direction of government policy is uncertain. Globally, oil prices are having various direct and indirect and in some cases transformative consequences.

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With "hot sectors" for investment, regulation, policy and funding options always changing, you'll work with experts who can help you cut through the challenges. We are active with all major types of player in the private and public sectors. Our clients have included DECC, BIS and Ofgem, as well large utilities and smaller companies in the supply chain or developers, and local governments. Our focus is on how to get things delivered in a commercially viable and sustainable way. Our international Energy & Environment network helps us keep abreast of international trends and advantages. Best of all, we won't keep our insights to ourselves. You'll receive invitations to our bespoke events, and updates on industry, policy and regulatory developments. So you'll stay up to date with the sector and be well placed to plan for the future.  

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Wherever your business takes you, we're nearby. Our team has experience working in the US, Europe, Middle East and China, and our member firm network operates in over 125 countries worldwide. So we have the knowledge and connections to help deliver your strategies right there in your local markets. Every month, you'll receive insights and stories on the latest global trends and challenges. And whatever the stage of your cross-border business cycle, we'll help ensure everything runs smoothly.