The constant rise of the digital marketplace is making as many waves in the world of retail today as it did when people first began clicking and shopping.

These days, customers increasingly use bricks-and-mortar shops as showrooms then go online to buy. To adapt, companies are becoming multi-channel retailers to link this customer experience.

Smart businesses are improving their systems to ensure they capture this significant market shift and are beginning to meet national and international demand, and even thrive.

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Reduce risk and grow your cash flow

Retail can still be a tricky business. We'll help you manage the risks and maximise your cash flow through our team of experts. Our business consulting team, for example, works with retail companies of all shapes and sizes, helping improve performance and manage working capital. Then there's our process-mapping expertise that identifies risks in your staffing procedures. Not forgetting our specialist tool, ExcaVATe, which will dig deep into your data, identify issues and spot big savings. We've even secured refunds that run into the millions.

Grow in the right locations

Success often means being in the right place at the right time. Our Place Analytics team can analyse the market for you and the find the best locations to expand your business. We specialise in growth mapping, pulling on a rich source of data and matching your growth ambitions to actual locations.

Get the most from your international business

Operating overseas? We'll make sure your international operations are set up in the best way to maximise wealth. Our experts will work together, helping you deal with direct and indirect taxes. There are various ways we can reduce costs legally, for example, by registering you for VAT in overseas counties.

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We're an associate member of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The BRC is the lead trade association for the retail sector and the authoritative voice of the industry to policy makers and the media.