Testing ideas, finding out what works and then building it is fundamental to our shared enterprise model.

We strongly believe that if all our people are involved in shaping and delivering our vision, it will differentiate us in the market and help us become the go-to firm for growth. 

Our shared enterprise model is simple and can be summarised with this equation:

Shared Enterprise = sharing ideas + sharing responsibility + sharing reward

Shared ideas

This means ensuring that everyone at the firm is contributing to how we become the go-to firm for growth. To support this, a collaborative process for sharing, sourcing and developing great ideas is in place, making it easy and productive for our people to work together to create solutions and then make them happen.

Shared responsibility

We encourage our people to take responsibility for the changes they want to see and encourage them to make decisions independently.

Clarity on our purpose, vision and the part they play in it helps them do this. We give them the capability to play their part and also to be clear on how they will make sure they deliver on our commitments to each other.

At its heart, shared responsibility is about living by the firm’s values, taking personal ownership for doing so and making a commitment to each other.

Shared reward

The final part refers to the sharing of superior profits, and we have a long-term approach to delivering shared rewards that are meaningful for all of our people.

We encourage our people to think about our firm as our business, and to make a personal commitment to shaping the future together. Our partners are still responsible for the stewardship of the firm.

With everyone shaping our future through our ideas, shared responsibility and sharing the rewards, we're building on our partnership ethos to create something even more agile to face the demands of our changing world.