Here you will find links to our Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2020 and our Transparency report for 2020

Our financial statements include an overview of our objectives, strategy and credentials in the markets in which we operate, amongst other matters. They also include commentary on our financial performance, balance sheet position, details of our tax contribution and a summary of the key judgements and estimates that were applied in the preparation of the financial statements.

Download: Annual report 2020 (PDF) [ 3082 kb ]

Our Transparency report responds directly to regulatory requirements for firms that perform statutory audits of public interest entities and, in particular, sets out how the firm complies with the requirements of the Audit Firm Governance Code and the steps we have taken to drive audit quality by reference to the Audit Quality Framework. The report includes information on the firm’s processes and practices for quality control, for ensuring independence and objectivity, for partner remuneration, our governance, our international network arrangements and our core values, amongst other things.

Download: Transparency report 2020 (PDF) [ 8629 kb ]

We are committed to engaging in discussions with companies, their shareholders and other stakeholders about matters covered by the Audit Firm Governance Code and other areas which are covered in our Annual report and our Transparency report. For full details of communication with stakeholders, see our Transparency report.

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