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Lobbying policy

Grant Thornton UK LLP is politically neutral.

We work with the government of the day and with other political parties as appropriate.

When engaging government we aim to reflect our broad client base and our experience of working with clients, encouraging policies that promote sustainable growth. We also engage in political and policy debate regarding our own profession.

We do not lobby government on behalf of individual clients. Grant Thornton UK LLP are not members of the UK Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists and do not provide consultant lobbying services to Government Representatives on behalf of clients.

We operate a strict policy of not providing financial donations to political parties or individual Politicians.

On occasion we are asked to provide technical analysis or expert insight, including on potential policy ideas, which could be defined as donations in-kind. When undertaking this activity we ensure they do not disproportionately advantage any party or political viewpoint.

For the purposes of the above, ‘government’ incudes national and devolved administrations, Parliament and national assemblies.