As head of our national tax investigations practice, I specialise in dealing with the most difficult tax investigations. This is challenging but stimulating work where the interests of the law and the Exchequer need to be reconciled with the rights of the individual. In recent years I have played a significant role in dealing with the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) and obtaining the most advantageous settlements for my clients.

Not unexpectedly, I spent my formative years in the Inland Revenue as a tax inspector before crossing the bridge into the private sector, joining Grant Thornton in 1993.

My team deals with the full range of tax enquiries, ranging from assisting individuals subject to potential prosecution, tax fraud civil settlements, complex avoidance arrangements as well as local tax compliance issues. In an ever-shrinking world, our work takes us abroad on a regular basis. As a result of our work I am uniquely in a position to resolve issues from the past in order to put clients in a position to move forward and grow their businesses and personal wealth.

Over the years I have been a regular speaker in the marketplace and have led my colleagues to win the Best Tax Investigations Team at the LexisNexis Taxation Awards.

My home is in Central London with all the excitement that the most cosmopolitan city in the world can offer.