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Discrimination, bullying and harassment

Our aim is to provide a working environment where colleagues, clients, suppliers and visitors always treat one another with dignity and respect.

This is the foundation for a safe and healthy working environment that is free from discrimination and enables us all to be ourselves when working together

All complaints of behaviour that constitutes discrimination, bullying or harassment will be investigated. For our people, this could result in an informal or formal process and – depending on the seriousness of the matter – could result in disciplinary action or dismissal. We will withdraw from working with any clients or suppliers who do not treat our people with dignity and respect. Any behaviour which may be considered a criminal offence will be reported to the police.

If you would like to speak up in absolute confidence regarding a concern of discrimination, bullying and/or harassment, please contact the confidential whistleblowing hotline on 0808 196 5793.

You can learn more about the standards of behaviour we expect from all of our people in the firm’s code of conduct. You can also learn more about workplace bullying and harassment at (workplace bullying and harassment or (bullying at work.