Lessons in growth from the UK Top Track 250

Where is UK growth coming from? How have some businesses managed to beat the market and thrive in the downturn? We asked four successful CEOs and MDs from Top Track 250 companies for their insights.

Our interviewees were filmed at a series of Top Track 250 events, as part of Grant Thornton’s sponsorship of the Sunday Times Top Track 250. Here are their inspiring growth stories…

1. How Poundland doubled its number of stores
Jim McCarthy, the CEO of Poundland, talks about the discount retailer’s impressive growth, European expansion and the challenges of retailing online.

2. How Bibby Line’s business culture and people help them sail to growth  
Simon Sherrard, Non-Executive Chairman of Liverpool-based Bibby Line Group, on how he has steered a shipping company – a volatile industry at the best of times – through the stormy economic waters.

3. How Arco became the UK’s biggest supplier of safety equipment and workwear
Achieving growth in a recession isn’t easy, especially when your business is aligned with the public sector. Thomas Martin, Joint MD of Arco, a supplier safety clothing, workwear, safety boots and safety equipment, reveals the different ways in which he navigates the bumpy economic terrain.

4. A CEO’s Vue on UK film industry growth
The movies may have proved economically resilient during previous recessions but this one feels a little different, says Tim Richards, founder and CEO of Vue Entertainment.