We have created a culture of openness and transparency where all of our people can make a difference:

  • our strategy and priorities are shared with everyone in the firm, reinforced by quarterly business updates and office visits by the Strategic Leadership Team
  • we regularly engage with elected representatives from our employees through our CLEARR forum – to inform, consult and seek feedback on decisions impacting on the firm
  • we take pride in acting as a responsible corporate citizen and think carefully about how our actions can impact our environment, workplace, clients and suppliers and the communities in which we live
  • Our Talent 15 induction event provides trainees with direct access to members of the Strategic Leadership Team who are on hand to answer questions about life at
    Grant Thornton.
  • We have established a confidential whistle-blowing phone-line which ensures that anyone who has concerns, for example, about how partners or staff are behaving has a means of raising their concerns confidentially. The whistle-blowing phone-line is operated on behalf of the firm by a third party organisation
  • Our clients are provided with the opportunity to voice their opinions of our service delivery online or face to face through our client satisfaction programme. The results are fed back to the local offices and actions are taken based on that feedback.