Unlocking the potential for growth in our local communities

Globally, Grant Thornton people are collaborating, raising awareness of CSR issues, campaigns and initiatives and sharing how we unlock the potential for growth in local communities.

Last year’s inaugural CSR day was a resounding success, with over 70 Grant Thornton member firms participating globally and more than 3,300 social media posts highlighting our community involvement stories. 

This year’s event takes place on 22 and 23 September. The aim across the two days is to Act, Commit and Share, heightening and shaping our contribution to society and creating long-term sustainable benefits empowering others to thrive.

Our IMPACT story Lending to entrepreneurs in developing countries Find out more

Growing together in the community 2015

The success of our microfinance investments is spreading excitement across our firm. Our loans are unlocking potential for developing world entrepreneurs, enabling global entrepreneurs to break the poverty cycle by growing fledgling businesses.  

As the UK firm’s single act during Grant Thornton's Global CSR Day 2015, this campaign remains central to our sustainability strategy. Launched in 2012, our people are captivated by supporting global entrepreneurs through a very personal connection, providing the benefits of microfinance loans. 

Individuals and business teams across the firm are embracing these four easy steps:

  1. We loan
  2. They grow
  3. They repay
  4. We lend again

Four years on, our combined loans are topping £22,000. This easy access to safe finance has enabled business growth or start-up for around 1950 global entrepreneurs; providing long-term, sustainable benefits to local communities such as wider employment opportunities and skills development, not having to choose between education or healthcare and providing nutritious food and clean water for families. 

Recently, our summer interns were eager to join this success story. Determined to grow a pot created in 2015, they worked together and generated further funds lifting this shared lending account to over £2,050.

Growing together in the community 2016 – Act, Commit, Share

Grant Thornton UK is committed organisation wide to the Global CSR event taking place on 22 and 23 September. We have a variety of activities planned across our 25 offices and all of our people are invited to get involved and build on last year's  success.

This year’s campaigns focus on initiatives that will drive our ambitions to help shape a Vibrant Economy and create, long, sustainable impact in our local communities.  

Our key themes for Growing together in the community 2016:

  • Building on the success of our microfinance investment, supporting global entrepreneurs in developing countries through lendwithcare.org or Deki.org.
  • Raising the sensitive issue of mental health and alleviating stigma around this (still hidden) illness. We are proud to support MIND, SANE UK and Scottish Mental Health Association with our local charity partnerships
  • Giving our people the opportunity to share their talent, technical and life skills and give something back through volunteering opportunities supporting the 24 local charity partnerships in place across the UK business.

Our sustainability successes

Our sustainability successes

To find out more about Grant Thornton's sustainability success, or to discuss future initiatives please contact Jayne Brownridge (Jayne.Brownridge@uk.gt.com).