Kathryn Hiddleston Tax Consultant London Finsbury Square +44 (0)207 728 2618

I am the founder member of the UK restructuring tax team. My role includes providing restructuring and rescue advice to distressed businesses or those acquiring from distressed scenarios, giving both pre- and post-insolvency advice, and supplying forensic and investigation expertise in relation to UK and international tax. I co-ordinate the work of any area of tax relating to restructuring, insolvency or investigation including corporate, individual, VAT and customs duties, stamp duty and employment taxes.

With 25 years' experience of specialising in this area. I have been involved in a number of high-profile cases, as well as aiding in the restructuring of a number of household names, either consensually or with the aid of an insolvency.

I am the chairman of R3's (UK insolvency practitioners group) tax committee and I sit on various committees with HMRC to influence policy and draft legislation to aid in restructuring. Recent examples include HMRC's review of the taxation of debt and its treatment of employee tax and pensions in insolvency.

Outside of work, I am married to Ian and we both enjoy travel and dining out. To counter the high life we keep fit by gardening and DIY.