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            Having worked in accountancy, regulatory, and commercial environments in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, I'm now proud to be part of Grant Thornton's fraud insolvency team, leading a team of 20 or so professionals in the north of England; there's another 50 in London working on similar assignments.

            I lead investigations and initiate recovery actions for a wide variety of creditors, including HMRC (tax losses), financial institutions (loan recoveries), commercial organisations (bad debts) and private investors who have lost money in dodgy investment schemes. As such I'm a regular presenter for R3, our trade organisation on fraud and litigation.

            As a team we use our statutory insolvency powers to obtain information and documents (from people who'd frequently prefer not to provide them) and then use our analytical skills to determine what recoveries might be available.

            We frequently liaise with other experts within Grant Thornton, especially the tax and forensics teams, and engage closely with a wide range of external legal professionals. While we can't promise to always get people's money back, we can commit to providing meaningful advice on the options and strategies available to get the best possible result.

            Expertise covers:

            • FCCA
            • Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

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