Brexit: seizing opportunities and minimising risks

Article 50: gearing up for Brexit

The triggering of Article 50 marks the first step in the UK's departure from the European Union. With it comes opportunity as well as uncertainty.

The future of the UK will be shaped by the choices that are made in negotiations, including where we will land on the continuum between 'hard' and 'soft' Brexit, and how we will shape our new model of economic co-operation with the EU.

Here we share our insights and advice to help guide you on the road ahead.


To help you understand how the key issues are likely to impact your business, we have created the following guidance: 

Article 50: preparing for Brexit and beyond

Getting ready for change and seizing opportunities

Trade: rethinking cross border activity

Exploring potential changes to trade and supply chains

People and talent: shaping your future workforce

Retaining and recruiting the skills you need through Brexit

Exploring the key issues around finance and business infrastructure 

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