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            Navigating the post-referendum environment

            The people of the UK have taken the decision to leave the European Union. What happens next - and the implications for businesses and organisations in the UK - is less clear.

            Grant Thornton will keep you informed about the process of leaving the EU, helping you navigate and succeed in this uncertain environment. We will share our insights into what may come next and the issues your organisation should consider in future planning.

            A tailored approach for your organisation

            In the face of ambiguity, it is important to stay calm, review contingency plans, assess the possible risks and harness the opportunities for your organisation.

            Our CEO Room is a dedicated, stimulating space for a face-to-face discussion where you will be able to work on the key strategic, financial and leadership issues for your business. These discussions can help you think clearly about your immediate challenges, ambitions and objectives, as well as stress testing existing strategies against a range of future scenarios.


            We have also developed a high-level business planning tool covering the political, economic, legal and regulatory environments, alongside trade and wider business behaviours. This also includes some initial questions to consider when developing future plans.

            Negotiating our new relationship



            Join the debate

            Grant Thornton is leading the debate about how we build a vibrant economy for the UK. For more information about how you can contribute visit our Vibrant Economy website.

            We outline the key considerations for organisations working in a range of different industries.

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